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A set of shell scripts to perform automated backups on linux workstations/servers.

Follows the Unix-style workflow: a single script performs a single (usually simple) task - write the backup to disk, ask remote server for backup, generate backup content for backup type X.

See "backup/doc" directory for more info.

Client - fetches backups from servers and stores them locally
Server - serves backup contents to clients

	disk - On a client, writes stdin to a file on a filesystem
	tape - On a client, writes stdin to a tape

	gen-backup-key - On a server, generate a pair of ssh keys, store in
	get-backup - On a client, fetch backup from a backup server (over SSH)
                     and pass it to stdout
	get-backup-types - On a client, fetch a list of backup types
			   (levels/sublevels) from a backup server and pass it
			   to stdout
	get-tape-label - On a client, read a tape label from a tape
	make-backup - On a server, run a script from /etc/backup/scripts and
		      pass generated backup to stdout
	store-system-info - On a server, get some extra system info (partition
			    table, boot sector) and store them in

	secrets - On a server, passwords used for DB access, backup encription
		  etc, as env variables (shell script)
	ssh-key* - On a client, ssh keys
	system/ - On a server, data collected by store-system-info
	scripts/ - On the server, named X.Y with accompanying
		   text files.
		   X and Y are integers, X being "level", Y "sublevel".
                   Client can poll a list of levels (X values) and sublevels
		   for given X (X.Y values). Each X.Y script is expected to
		   generate some data that it wants to back up and pass it to
		   See examples in backup/doc/examples/scripts/
	tapes/ - On a client, scripts to be run from a crontab, each requesting
		 a set of backups from remote servers and storing them locally
		 (using scripts from "output").
		 See examples in backup/doc/examples/tapes/
	timestamps/ - On a server, place for scripts to place timestamp files,
		      for incremental backups.